Spanish Pathways

Readings in the History of Hispanic New Mexico
By Marc Simmons

Transforms New Mexico's colonial history into an engaging story of real people and the real events that shaped their lives.

Subjects: HistorySouthwest

Lives of the Bigamists

Marriage, Family, and Community in Colonial Mexico
Abridged Edition
By Richard Boyer

Boyer lets these Mexican people speak for themselves about how they got into trouble with the Inquisition.

Salt Dreams

Land and Water in Low-Down California
By William deBuys
Photographs by Joan Myers

A history of the Salton Sea, which has become a prophetic story of mounting environmental crises that impinge on the water supply of southern California's sixteen million people.

Federal Indian Policy in the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations, 1961-1969

By Thomas Clarkin

A study of the shift in American Indian and white relations as both Presidents favored new policies that would have fostered the survival of American Indian cultures and heritages, yet they faced opposition from western senators who insisted on carrying out the so-called termination policies.

The Urban Indian Experience in America

By Donald Fixico

As the first ethnohistory of modern urban Indians, this perceptive study looks at Indians from many tribes living in cities throughout the United States.

The Far Southwest 1846-1912

A Territorial History
Revised Edition
By Howard R. Lamar

A history of the Four Corners states during their formative territorial years. Newly revised edition.

The Contested Homeland

A Chicano History of New Mexico
Edited by Erlinda Gonzales-BerryDavid R. Maciel

Studies territorial and rural New Mexico in the nineteenth century, the struggle for statehood, Nuevomexicano politics, immigration, urban issues in the twentieth century, the role of Spanish in education, ethnic identity, and the Chicano movement.

The Battle of Glorieta Pass

A Gettysburg in the West, March 26-28, 1862
By Thomas S. EdringtonJohn Taylor

A highly readable account of this major turning point of the Civil War in the West.

Ten Texas Feuds

By C. L. Sonnichsen

Based on painstaking research and interviews, Sonnichsen's tales bring to life the bloody feuds of the young state of Texas, where personal vengeance righted intolerable wrongs and settled unbearable grievances.

Gatewood and Geronimo

By Louis Kraft

Parallels the lives of Gatewood and Geronimo as events drive them toward their historic meeting in Mexico in 1886--a meeting that marked the beginning of the end of the last Apache war.