American Indian Population Recovery in the Twentieth Century

By Nancy Shoemaker

Studies the growth of Indian populations since 1900, showing why and how American Indian populations recovered in the 20th century.

Everyday Life and Politics in Nineteenth Century Mexico

Men, Women, and War
By Mark Wasserman

This account of the history of Mexico from Independence to the Revolution traces the struggle of common people to exert control over their everyday lives.

Independence in Spanish America

Civil Wars, Revolutions, and Underdevelopment
Revised Edition
By Jay Kinsbruner

Clearly laid out in this book is an insightful interpretation of a pivotal era in world history. This new edition, revised and enlarged to take account of recently published studies as well as a rethinking of certain prevailing views, is a compelling reinterpretation of the independence era.

That Disturbances Cease

The Journals of don Diego de Vargas, 1697-1700
Edited by Larry MillerJohn L. KessellRick HendricksMeredith Dodge

Volume 5 in The Journals of don Diego de Vargas.

Subjects: HistorySouthwest

Tangled Destinies

Latin America and the United States
By Linda B. HallLyman L. Johnson

Historical overview from both perspectives of the often-troubled and always uneven relationship between the United States and the nations of Latin America.

The Suppression of Salt of the Earth

How Hollywood, Big Labor, and Politicians Blacklisted a Movie in the American Cold War
By James Lorence

Examines the conception, production, distribution, and suppression of the pioneering labor-feminist film made during the virulently anti-communist era of the Cold War.

Horizontal Yellow

Nature and History in the Near Southwest
By Dan Flores

Personal and historical meditations explore the human and natural history of the large expanse of land the Navajos once named the Horizontal Yellow.

American Indian Grandmothers

Traditions and Transitions
Edited by Marjorie Schweitzer

These essays explore the complex world of grandmothers in Native America, where, although often impoverished and marginalized, they provide a vital connection to native identity, history, and wisdom.

Chasing Shadows

Apaches and Yaquis Along the United States-Mexico Border, 1876-1911
By Shelley Hatfield

Hatfield examines for the first time the military campaigns on both sides of the border against the Apaches and other native peoples during the late nineteenth century.

Mexico Between Hitler and Roosevelt

Mexican Foreign Relations in the Age of Lázaro Cárdenas, 1934-1940
By Friedrich E. Schuler

Mexico's relationship with the world during the 1930s is revealed as a fascinating series of calculated responses to domestic political changes and international economic shifts.