El Delirio

The Santa Fe World of Elizabeth White
By Gregor StarkE. Catherine Rayne

Richly illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs, El Delirio offers an appealing glimpse into a fascinating period of Santa Fe history. It is also a loving portrait of the remarkable, energetic, and strong-willed Elizabeth White, described by a friend as “one of the great women of the Southwest in a very small body.”

Subjects: History

New Views of Borderlands History

Edited by Robert Jackson

An ethnohistorical history of the Spanish Borderlands written by specialists in the history of each region.

The Faces of Honor

Sex, Shame, and Violence in Colonial Latin America
By Lyman L. JohnsonSonya Lipsett-Rivera

Honor was everywhere in Colonial Latin America, and to understand the many ways it had an impact on people's lives is to understand the organizing principles of a society.

Blood on the Boulders

The Journals of don Diego de Vargas, 1694-1697
Edited by John L. KessellRick HendricksMeredith Dodge

Through The Journals of don Diego de Vargas, translated from official and private correspondence, we are drawn back, through conflict and compromise, into New Mexico's formative era.

Subjects: HistorySouthwest

Que vivan los tamales!

Food and the Making of Mexican Identity
By Jeffrey M. Pilcher

This cultural history of food in Mexico traces the influence of gender, race, and class on food preferences from Aztec times to the present.

Tejano Legacy

Rancheros and Settlers in South Texas, 1734-1900
By Armando C. Alonzo

"Alonzo makes judicious use of census records, tax rolls, and probate records to trace the evolution of Hispanic families who formed this community for more than five generations. . . . He forcefully dispels the myth that the area of Texas between San Antonio and the Rio Grande was a 'no man's land' prior to Anglo-American settlement."—Choice

People of the Peyote

Huichol Indian History, Religion, and Survival
Edited by Stacy B. SchaeferPeter T. Furst

People of the Peyote is the first substantial study of a Mexican Indian society that more than any other has preserved much of its ancient way of life and religion.

Inhabited Wilderness

Indians, Eskimos, and National Parks in Alaska
By Theodore Catton

A history of the national parks in Alaska and how they protect the natural ecosystems while allowing certain populations to use the parks to maintain their cultural traditions.

Tonto's Revenge

Reflections on American Indian Culture and Policy
By Rennard Strickland

Strickland argues that Indians can better sustain their worldview through law and culture, by remaining true to their heritage, tradition, and spirituality.

Rethinking American Indian History

Edited by Donald Fixico

Using innovative methodologies and theories to rethink American Indian history, this book challenges previous scholarship about Native Americans and their communities.