The Life and Death of Carolina Maria de Jesus

By Robert LevineJosé Carlos Sebe Bom Meihy

Robert Levine tells the story of Carolina Maria de Jesus (1914-1977), Brazilian, Black, illegitimate, extremely poor, and Brazil's best-selling author upon the publication of her journals.

Emiliano Zapata!

Revolution and Betrayal in Mexico
By Samuel Brunk

This clearly written and carefully argued narrative presents a less mythical and more human Zapata against the dramatic and chaotic background of the Mexican Revolution.

Heroes on Horseback

A Life and Times of the Last Gaucho Caudillos
By John Charles Chasteen

A sweeping narrative of two 19th century charismatic leaders and their powerful armies on the Brazil/Uruguay border.

The Day the Sun Rose Twice

The Story of the Trinity Site Nuclear Explosion, July 16, 1945
By Ferenc Szasz

The prize-winning history of the Manhattan Project.

Tribes and Tribulations

Misconceptions About American Indians and Their Histories
By Laurence Hauptman

Hauptman selects topics from the 17th century to the present as examples of some commonly held but erroneous views on Indian-white relationships, including stereotypes of Indians as mascots.

John Muir

Life and Work
Edited by Sally Miller

Moving beyond the preservationist/utilitarian dichotomy, these essays reveal the complexity of Muir's contribution, stressing the anthropomorphic, aesthetic, and recreational bases of his values. The insights of the historians, literary critics, philosophers, and scientists presented here provide readers with a greater appreciation for Muir's multidimensional personality and his contributions to the preservation movement.

Regional Markets and Agrarian Transformation in Bolivia

Cochabamba, 1539-1960
By Robert Jackson

In a groundbreaking volume, Jackson seeks to discover when and how modernity supplanted the colonial era in Bolivia.

Antigua California

Mission and Colony on the Peninsular Frontier, 1697-1768
By Harry W. Crosby

This Spanish Borderlands classic recounts Jesuit colonization of the Old California, the peninsula now known as Baja California.

Subjects: History

We Fed Them Cactus

Second Edition
By Fabiola Cabeza de Baca

Documents the daily activities of Hispanic pioneers--buffalo hunting, horse breaking, sheep herding, preparing and preserving food, sewing, tending the sick, and educating children are included in this rich recuerdo, as well as stories of Comancheros, Tejanos, Americanos, and outlaws.

An Unsettled Country

Changing Landscapes of the American West
By Donald Worster

In these four essays, which were presented as the 1992 Calvin P. Horn Lectures in Western History and Culture, Donald Worster incisively discusses the role of the natural environment in the making of the West--and often in its unmaking and remaking.