Essays in Twentieth-Century New Mexico History

Edited by Judith DeMark

This volume supplements the standard accounts of New Mexico history and will reward readers seeking to understand the complex nature of contemporary New Mexico.

Subjects: HistorySouthwest

Conflict and Change in Cuba

Edited by Enrique BaloyraJames Morris

The thirteen original essays in this volume explore the dynamics of continuity, conflict, and change in Cuba. Analyzed here are the historical trends and patterns of conflict in Cuba compared to contradictions that inevitably arise in any political system.

The People

Indians of the American Southwest
By Stephen Trimble

Fifty Indian nations lie within the modern American Southwest, communities sustained through four centuries of European and American contact by their cultural traditions and ties to the land. In The People, Stephen Trimble provides an introduction to these Native peoples that is unrivaled in its scope and readability.

The Jicarilla Apache Tribe

A History
By Veronica E. Velarde Tiller

This evenhanded history of the Jicarilla Apache tribe of New Mexico highlights their long history of cultural adaptation and change--both to new environments and cultural traits.

Orayvi Revisited

Social Stratification in an "Egalitarian" Society
By Jerrold E. Levy

Challenging the widely held view of the Hopi Indians of Arizona as a sober, peaceful, and cooperative people with an egalitarian social organization, Levy examines the 1906 split in the Third Mesa village of Orayvi.

Taking the Wheel

Women and the Coming of the Motor Age
By Virginia Scharff

Scharff looks at women's struggles to be accepted as drivers.

A History of the Jews in New Mexico

By Henry J. Tobias

In this first history of the Jews in New Mexico--from the colonial period to the present day--the author continuously ties the Jewish experience to the evolution of the societies in which they lived and worked.


Pueblo in the Sky
Revised Edition
By Ward Alan Minge

A comprehensive history of the Acoma sanctioned by the tribe.

New Mexico's Railroads

A Historical Survey
By David Myrick

From narrow-gauge lines to Amtrak, this railroad lover's book shows the importance of trains to New Mexico's heritage.

Subjects: HistorySouthwest

Chicano Politics

Reality and Promise 1940-1990
By Juan Gómez-Quiñones

"Gómez-Quiñones sharply analyzes and interprets the past fifty years of the Movimiento . . . Anyone attempting to understand the unfolding political scenario of the '90s will find this an indispensable volume."—Choice