Weighty Words, Too

By Paul M. LevittElissa S. GuralnickDouglas A. Burger
Illustrations by Katherine Karcz

Explorations in Navajo Poetry and Poetics

By Anthony K. Webster

"This book is about the ways that the how of the story and the what of the story are intertwined."--from the Introduction

The Spanish Language of New Mexico and Southern Colorado

A Linguistic Atlas
By Garland D. BillsNeddy A. Vigil

This linguistic exploration delves into the language as it is spoken by the Hispanic population of New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Dictionary of Jicarilla Apache

Abáachi Mizaa Ilkee' Siijai
By Wilhelmina PhoneMaureen OlsonMatilda Martinez
Edited by Melissa AxelrodJule Gómez de GarcíaJordan Lachler

The first large-scale dictionary of any of the Eastern Apachean languages.

Spanish for Mental Health Professionals

A Step by Step Handbook
By Deborah E. BenderChristina HarlanLinda KoIrwin Stern

This handbook will help mental health and social workers reach across the language barriers to help their clients.

Navajo/English Dictionary of Verbs

By Alyse Neundorf

Navajo/English Dictionary of Verbs lists 350 Navajo verbs in paradigm form, conjugated for the Imperfective, Perfective, and Future modes.

A Navajo/English Bilingual Dictionary

Alchini Bi Naaltsoostsoh
By Alyse Neundorf

This easy-to-use Navajo dictionary is intended primarily for Navajo children learning to read and write the language in bilingual classrooms, but it is also useful for anyone wanting to learn Navajo.

English/Spanish Child Abuse Phrase Book

Family-Social Worker Interview Manual/Manual Bilingüe Para Familias
By Edward Stresino

Presents the child abuse investigation referral in a bilingual format, phrase by phrase directly as it occurs, to make it more accessible to both social worker and family.

Regimes of Language

Ideologies, Polities, and Identities
Edited by Paul V. Kroskrity

In Regimes of Language, ten leading linguistic anthropologists integrate two often segregated domains: politics (without language) and language (without politics). Their essays contribute to an understanding of the role of language ideologies and discursive practices in state formation, nationalism, and the maintenance of ethnic groups, on the one hand, and in the creation of national, ethnic, and professional identities, on the other.

The Navajo Verb System

An Overview
By Robert W. Young

This volume not only details the features of verb structure and inflection but also reflects the grammatical processes that generate a wealth of concrete lexical derivatives from a relatively small number of abstract verbal roots.