The Navajo Verb

A Grammar for Students and Scholars
By Leonard Faltz

The verb is the most important and the most complex part of Navajo grammar. For the first time, students and scholars interested in the Navajo language have a book that presents the verb system in a step-by-step and thorough fashion. By providing easy-to-follow descriptions with abundant examples, this book unravels the complexity of Navajo and reveals its expressiveness.

Wisdom Sits in Places

Landscape and Language Among the Western Apache
By Keith H. Basso

Explores the connections of place, language, wisdom, and morality among the Western Apache.

The Navajo Language

A Grammar and Colloquial Dictionary
Revised Edition
By Robert W. YoungWilliam Morgan

This definitive dictionary and linguistic resource by Robert Young is once again available.

¿Qué Pasó?

An English-Spanish Guide for Medical Personnel
Fourth Edition, Revised and Expanded
By Martin KantrowitzAntonio MondragónWilliam Lord Coleman

Designed to facilitate communication between Spanish-speaking patients and English-speaking medical personnel; includes pediatric workups.