Latin America

Making the Americas

The United States and Latin America from the Age of Revolutions to the Era of Globalization
By Thomas F. O'Brien

The author, an expert on business interests in Latin America, examines U.S. efforts, spanning two centuries, to impose economic dominance on the peoples of the Americas and the Latin American responses to these policies.

Private Passions and Public Sins

Men and Women in Seventeenth-Century Lima
By María Emma Mannarelli
Translated by Meredith DodgeSidney Evans

A Peruvian scholar focuses on the cultural significance of illicit sexual practices in seventeenth-century Lima.

Bitter Harvest

The Social Transformation of Morelos, Mexico, and the Origins of the Zapatista Revolution, 1840-1910
By Paul Hart

The agrarian revolution beginning in 1910 in rural Morelos helped shape Mexican society for the rest of the twentieth century.

Breaking Through Mexico's Past

Digging the Aztecs with Eduardo Matos Moctezuma
By Davíd CarrascoLeonardo LujánEduardo Moctezuma

The life of celebrated Mexican archaeologist Moctezuma tells of a man rising to the challenges of life and a man who has eloquently spoken to the the importance of understanding the roots of civilization.

From Sovereign Villages to National States

City, State, and Federation in Central America, 1759-1839
By Jordana Dym

Dym's analysis of Central America's early nineteenth-century politics shows nation-state formation to be a city-driven process that transformed colonial provinces into enduring states.

From Slavery to Freedom in Brazil

Bahia, 1835-1900
By Dale Torston Graden

The political and religious forces which led to the decline of the slave trade in nineteenth century Bahia, Brazil.

Slaves, Subjects, and Subversives

Blacks in Colonial Latin America
Edited by Jane LandersBarry Robinson

A comprehensive study of African slavery in the colonies of Spain and Portugal in the New World.

The Guaymas Chronicles

La Mandadera
By David E. Stuart

This memoir of a young gringo anthropologist's assimilation into the exotic street life of a bustling port on Mexico's Sea of Cortez is also an account of the area's working-class life in the late 1960s.

Malintzin's Choices

An Indian Woman in the Conquest of Mexico
By Camilla Townsend

The complicated life of the real woman who came to be known as La Malinche.

The City of Women

By Ruth Landes

This book is the landmark study of candomblé, the Afro-Brazilian religion of Bahia, Brazil.