Line of Sight

By Michele Gibbs

A fusion of word, image, and spirit from an exiled writer, artist, and activist.

Subjects: Literature

Talking Mysteries

By Tony HillermanErnie Bulow
Illustrations by Ernest Franklin

In Talking Mysteries, Tony Hillerman discusses his craft, including his approach to plot, characterization, and setting, and the wrinkles and twists that make his brand of fiction unique.

Writing About Nature

A Creative Guide
Revised Edition
By John A. Murray

Originally published by the Sierra Club in 1995, this handbook covers genres, techniques, and publication issues for aspiring writers, scholars, and students who want to share their experiences in nature and the outdoors.

Yiddish South of the Border

An Anthology of Latin American Yiddish Writing
Edited by Alan Astro

Alan Astro has compiled the first anthology of Latin American Yiddish writings translated into English. Included are works of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, and Cuba, with one brief memoir by a Russian rabbi who arrived in San Antonio, Texas, in 1910.

Watsonville/Circle in the Dirt

Watsonville: Some Place Not Here and Circle in the Dirt: El Pueblo de East Palo Alto
By Cherríe Moraga

These plays document the incursion of the white world of power and authority into poor, racially mixed communities.

Tradiciones Nuevomexicanas

Hispano Arts and Culture of New Mexico
By Mary Montaño

This beautifully illustrated overview of the folk arts of New Mexico from the sixteenth century to the present covers both religious and secular arts including festivals, music, dance, and the visual arts.


A Chicano Novella
Bilingual Edition
By Margarita Cota-Cardenas
Translated by Barbara ReissTrino Sandoval

A Chicana graduate student learns of a cover-up of the police shooting a young Chicano laborer named Puppet. Both a mystery and a call-to-action novel, Puppet is an underground classic.

Madres del Verbo/Mothers of the Word

Early Spanish-American Women Writers A Bilingual Anthology
Edited by Nina Scott
Translated by Nina Scott

A bilingual anthology of writings by both secular and religious women writers from colonial Latin America through the 19th century.

Dancing on the Stones

Selected Essays
By John Nichols

Writings that span more than thirty years and range from idyllic reflections on nature to unmerciful satires on impending Armageddon.

No Parole Today

By Laura Tohe

In prose and poetry, Tohe describes attending a government school for Indian children and the challenge it presented to her socially, culturally, and expressively.