Hard Country

By Sharon Doubiago

Cuentos from Long Ago

By Paulette Atencio

A bilingual sampler of southwestern tales, legends, and myths offering the modern reader wisdom passed down for hundreds of years.


An Iliad of the Southwest
By Walter Burns

A mixture of fact and fiction, this is the book that defined Wyatt Earp's legend as a gunfighter-lawman.

The Book of Memories

By Ana Shua
Translated by Dick Gerdes

The humorous and moving story of three generations of a Jewish family in Argentina.

The Iguana Killer

Twelve Stories of the Heart
By Alberto Alvaro Ríos

Set along the Southwestern border, these stories explore growing up Hispanic and weaving together three distinct worlds--Mexico, the United States, and childhood.

Native American Identities

From Stereotype to Archetype in Art and Literature
By Scott Vickers

An engaging study of stereotypes and archetypes of Native Americans in fiction and art.

A Garlic Testament

Seasons on a Small New Mexico Farm
By Stanley Crawford

Meditations on growing garlic and on the farming way of life.

"To dream a garden and then to plant it is an act of independence and even defiance to the greater world."--Stan Crawford

The Jewish Gauchos of the Pampas

By Alberto Gerchunoff
Translated by Prudencio de Pereda

Originally published in 1910, this stirring depiction of shtetl life in Argentina is once again available in paperback.

The Circuit

Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child
By Francisco Jiménez

A collection of twelve short stories presented from the perspective of a young boy, in which the author narrates his childhood experiences growing up in a family of Mexican migrant farmworkers.

Chicana Creativity and Criticism

New Frontiers in American Literature
Second Edition
Edited by María Herrera-SobekHelena María Viramontes

Poetry, art, and criticism by major Chicana writers and artists.