Voices of the Buffalo Soldier

Records, Reports, and Recollections of Military Life and Service in the West
By Frank N. Schubert

All students of the frontier army as well as aficionados with a special interest in the Buffalo Soldiers will find this an invaluable tool. Drawing on a wide variety of periodicals, military records, and letters, the book covers such key topics as the legislative origin of the inclusion of black soldiers in the army.

Remington Army and Navy Revolvers 1861-1888

By Donald Ware

This detailed history of Remington's role in the development of military weapons is the result of twenty-five years of research of the company's records and military archives.

Subjects: HistoryMilitary

The Texas Rangers and the Mexican Revolution

The Bloodiest Decade, 1910-1920
By Charles H. HarrisLouis R. Sadler

The authors document the secret role of the Mexican president in the insurgency against Anglos during the Mexican Revolution and the Texas Rangers' role in ending the uprising.

A Travel Guide to the Plains Indian Wars

By Stan Hoig

This history and guidebook is composed of two parts: first, narratives of the Plains Indian conflicts and, second, directions to battle sites in Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.

The Indian Frontier 1846-1890

Revised Edition
By Robert M. Utley

First published in 1984, Robert Utley's The Indian Frontier of the American West 1846-1890 is considered a classic for both students and scholars. For this revision, Utley includes scholarship and research that has become available in recent years.

World War II and the American Indian

By Kenneth Townsend

The first full ethnohistory of American Indian responses to, and participation in, World War II; beginning with the drift toward war in the 1930s, including their reactions to propaganda campaigns directed at them by Nazi sympathizers.

When the Texans Came

Missing Records from the Civil War in the Southwest, 1861-1862
By John P. Wilson

Newly-available records from the Civil War in the Southwest, drawn from both Union and Confederate sources, give a much-improved understanding of that period through the words of those who shaped and participated in events at that time.

The Battle of Glorieta Pass

A Gettysburg in the West, March 26-28, 1862
By Thomas S. EdringtonJohn Taylor

A highly readable account of this major turning point of the Civil War in the West.

Bloody Valverde

A Civil War Battle on the Rio Grande, February 21, 1862
By John Taylor

The first complete account of the largest battle in New Mexico, and a turning point in the Civil War in the West.

A Patriot After All

The Story of a Chicano Vietnam Vet
By Juan Ramirez

"Ramirez has given us a rather unique and clear-eyed view inside the life and times and thoughts of a young Chicano who joins the marines and goes to Vietnam to find his destiny. . . . Fascinating reading."--Joseph L. Galloway, author of We Were Soldiers Once . . . And Young.