Valles Caldera

A Geologic History
By Fraser Goff

Formed by massive volcanic eruptions over a million years ago, the Valles Caldera offers scientists unprecedented opportunities for studying its geologic wonders, and now as a national preserve, it offers the public a unique outdoor experience.

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

By Kirt KempterDick Huelster

Color diagrams and graphics of the history of geologic formations, including the Rio Grande rift, provide background for understanding the area, and a detailed, durable topographic map provides information about trails and features for the day hiker.

Subjects: ScienceSouthwest

The Paleontology of New Mexico

By Barry S. Kues

This comprehensive survey of the fossil record of New Mexico catalogs the plants and animals of the area for the past 500 million years from Precambrian time through the Pleistocene Era.

Hanging with Bats

Ecobats, Vampires, and Movie Stars
By Karen Taschek

Through fascinating photographs and text Hanging with Bats introduces young readers to these beneficial but often vilified creatures.

Subjects: ChildrenScience

The Voyage of the Beetle

A Journey around the World with Charles Darwin and the Search for the Solution to the Mystery of Mysteries, as Narrated by Rosie, an Articulate Beetle
By Anne H. Weaver
Illustrations by George Lawrence

The whimsical story of Rosie the Beetle who assisted Charles Darwin on his trip around the world as he developed his Theory of Natural Selection.

Subjects: ChildrenScience

Death Stars, Weird Galaxies, and a Quasar-Spangled Universe

The Discoveries of the Very Large Array Telescope
By Karen Taschek

Karen Taschek introduces teen readers to the wonders revealed by the VLA telescope, beginning with basic information on our solar system and our Milky Way galaxy.

Subjects: ChildrenScience

Laser Ablation-ICP-MS in Archaeological Research

Edited by Robert J. SpeakmanHector Neff

This volume brings together for the first time a collection of papers that specifically describe laser ablation, methods for data quantification, and applications to archaeological questions.

Amphibians and Reptiles of New Mexico

By William DegenhardtCharles PainterAndrew Price
Illustrations by Clay Garrett

The definitive reference source covering the 123 species of amphibians and reptiles found in New Mexico, including over 130 color plates and 100 maps.

Remaking Life and Death

Toward an Anthropology of the Biosciences
Edited by Sarah FranklinMargaret Lock

The boundaries of life now occupy a place of central concern among biological anthropologists. Because of the centrality of the modern biological definition of life to Euro-American medicine and anthropology, the definition of life itself and its contestation exemplify competing uses of knowledge.

Ask the Bugman!

Environmentally Safe Ways to Control Household Pests
By Richard FagerlundJohnna Lachnit

How to control household pests in a more environmentally friendly way.