Fat Planet

Obesity, Culture, and Symbolic Body Capital
Edited by Eileen P. Anderson-FyeAlexandra Brewis

Fat Planet represents a collaborative effort to consider at a global scale what fat stigma is and what it does to people.

The Architecture of Change

Building a Better World
Edited by Jerilou HammettMaggie Wrigley

"The call for change is everywhere, yet how to define it and how to achieve it remain vague. The Architecture of Change: Building a Better World is a unique book that documents how ordinary people have the power to transform their environments. It is a celebration of human diversity and a call for increased attention to our communities. This inspiring book explores the issues of equity, alternative forms of living, new concepts of urbanism, and the power of social networks."--Governor Bill Richardson, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Congressman, Secretary of Energy, and Governor of New Mexico

Invitation to an Execution

A History of the Death Penalty in the United States
Edited by Gordon Bakken

These original essays examine the complex history of the death penalty, focusing on specific geographic areas to illuminate the circumstances of law and politics.

Land of Disenchantment

Latina/o Identities and Transformations in Northern New Mexico
By Michael L. Trujillo

This experimental study of cultural dysfunction in New Mexico's Española Valley tells the stories of several of its Nuevomexicano residents, both famous and notorious.

The Morganza, 1967

Life in a Legendary Reform School
By David E. Stuart

Stuart describes the life of students and staff in this infamous school that was, in reality, a youth prison camp.

Hard Time at Tehachapi

California's First Women's Prison
By Kathleen Cairns

The brief history of this controversial and experimental women's prison posed questions about crime and rehabilitation that remain unresolved today.

G-Dog and the Homeboys

Father Greg Boyle and the Gangs of East Los Angeles
Updated and expanded edition
By Celeste Fremon

This is an updated edition of the story of the gang scene in East L.A. and Father Gregory Boyle's innovative ministry and economic development efforts in the area.

Survival Along the Continental Divide

An Anthology of Interviews
By Jack Loeffler

Loeffler has recorded interviews with representatives of the diverse cultures of New Mexico, revealing the cultural mosaic of the people along the Continental Divide.

The Black Panther Party

Service to the People Programs
By  The Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation
Edited by David Hilliard

The Black Panther Party has responded to the needs of various communities underserved by government agencies by providing social services ranging from food and educational programs to medical care.

Orange County Housecleaners

By Frank Cancian

Orange County Housecleaners documents the lives of seven women who make their livings cleaning houses in Orange County, California; five are Latina immigrants and two are Orange County natives.