Cities of Gold

A Journey Across the American Southwest
By Douglas Preston

A modern horseback journey across 1,000 miles of desert and wilderness following the trail of the first European explorer in the American Southwest.

Fly-Fishing in Southern New Mexico

By Rex JohnsonRonald Smorynski

An overview of the streams of Southern New Mexico that support trout, the natural history of the streams, and the habitats of the trout that live there.

The Place Names of New Mexico

Revised Edition
By Robert Julyan

The indispensable traveler's guide to the history of places throughout the Land of Enchantment.

Hummingbirds of North America

Attracting, Feeding, and Photographing
By Dan True

A fully illustrated guide, keyed state by state, to all 16 species of North American hummers, including all of their personal quirks and habits.

El Malpais, Mt. Taylor, and the Zuni Mountains

A Hiking Guide and History
By Sherry Robinson

A richly illustrated guide to the trails of this unique and varied western New Mexico area.

Fishing in New Mexico

By Ti Piper

From the state's two best-known fishing areas--the San Juan river and Elephant Butte Reservoir--to all of the waters associated with the state's ten drainages, this book provides detailed information for each site on location, size, depth, shoreline description, fish species, suggested angling techniques, seasonal fishing reports, road access, camping and boating facilities, and handicapped accessibility.

A Guide Book to Highway 66

By Jack D. Rittenhouse

An exact facsimile of the first guidebook of its kind to the full length of the famous Route 66.

New Mexico

An Interpretive History
By Marc Simmons

For all who love New Mexico, and for those who aspire to know the state, this book is a graceful and compelling summary of what has made the Land of Enchantment its distinctive self.

New Mexico's Best Ghost Towns

A Practical Guide
By Philip Varney

This useful guidebook surveys more than eighty ghost towns, grouped by geographic area.

Edible Native Plants of the Rocky Mountains

By H. D. Harrington
Illustrations by Y. Matsumura

This book is an excellent listing of the edible plants of the Rockies. It provides recipes for the preparation of beers and wines, jams and preserves, the cooking of greens and the preparation of dyes, as well as brief histories of the plants' uses by historic and prehistoric peoples.