Women in the Crucible of Conquest

The Gendered Genesis of Spanish American Society, 1500-1600
By Karen Vieira Powers

The first history of women's contributions to the Spanish colonization of the New World.

Women and Gender in the American West

Jensen-Miller Prize Essays from the Coalition for Western Women's History
Edited by Mary IrwinJames F. Brooks

The Joan Jensen-Darlis Miller Prize recognizes outstanding scholarship on gender and women's history in the West. The winning essays are collected here for the first time in one volume.

The Souls of Purgatory

The Spiritual Diary of a Seventeenth-Century Afro-Peruvian Mystic, Ursula de Jesús
Edited by Nancy van Deusen
Translated by Nancy van Deusen

This translation of part of the diary of a 17th century Peruvian mystic includes the convent life of slaves and former slaves and baroque Catholic spiritual experiences from the perspective of a woman of color.

Madam Millie

Bordellos from Silver City to Ketchikan
By Max Evans

Madam Millie contains sordid details and frank language that will make many readers blush. It is unvarnished language, as recorded directly from Millie by Max Evans over a period of almost twenty years. It presents a complete picture of the business of prostitution as it was practiced in the west from the late 1920s to the mid 1970s, told by the most successful madam in the business.

Motorcycle Ride on the Sea of Tranquility

By Patricia Santana

A touching and funny coming-of-age novel set in 1969 with a background of family and the Vietnam war.

Western Women's Lives

Continuity and Change in the Twentieth Century
Edited by Sandra Schackel

The seventeen essays reprinted in this anthology address the ways in which western women have experienced the twentieth century.

Subjects: HistoryWomen

Watsonville/Circle in the Dirt

Watsonville: Some Place Not Here and Circle in the Dirt: El Pueblo de East Palo Alto
By Cherríe Moraga

These plays document the incursion of the white world of power and authority into poor, racially mixed communities.


By Julia Stein

These poems treat the condition of Jewish women in the Bible as a prelude to the trials, misfortunes, and victories of the twentieth century.

Walker Woman

By Julia Stein

Poems of modern day survival, set in Los Angeles.

I Hear Men Talking

Revised edition
By Meridel Le Sueur

Penelope, a girl in Depression-era rural Iowa, is witness to the personal and political dramas of her family and neighbors during hard times.

Subjects: FictionWomen