The Gender of Globalization

Women Navigating Cultural and Economic Marginalities
Edited by Nandini GunewardenaAnn Kingsolver

As “globalization” moves rapidly from buzzword to cliché, evaluating the claims of neoliberal capitalism to empower and enrich remains urgently important. The authors in this volume employ feminist, ethnographic methods to examine what free trade and export processing zones, economic liberalization, and currency reform mean to women in Argentina, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Ghana, the United States, India, Jamaica, and many other places.

A Cherokee Encyclopedia

By Robert J. Conley

Conley has compiled a guide to historical and contemporary members of the Cherokee tribe and their roles in their clans and nations.

Cave, City, and Eagle's Nest

An Interpretive Journey through the Mapa de Cuauhtinchan No. 2
Edited by Davíd CarrascoScott Sessions

The culmination of recent restoration and analysis, these richly illustrated essays examine the history and meaning of one of Mesoamerica's surviving documents dating from the 1540s.

Weaving Women's Lives

Three Generations in a Navajo Family
By Louise LamphereEva PriceCarole CadmanValerie Darwin

Well-known anthropologist Lamphere highlights the voices of three generations of Navajo women who are weaving their traditional beliefs with modern American culture to create a new blueprint for their lives and the next generations.

The Allen Site

A Paleoindian Camp in Southwestern Nebraska
Edited by Douglas B. Bamforth

Recent research on the intriguing Allen Site in southwestern Nebraska and the nearby Medicine Creek sites has revealed a wealth of new information on the land and animal use of the early inhabitants.

Imperial Formations

Edited by Ann Laura StolerCarole McGranahanPeter C. Perdue

The contributors to this volume critique and abandon the limiting assumption that the European colonialism of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries can be taken as the representative form of imperialism. Recasting the study of imperial governance, forms of sovereignty, and the imperial state, the authors pay close attention to non-European empires and the active trade in ideas, practices, and technologies among empires, as well as between metropolitan regions and far-flung colonies.

New Perspectives on Pottery Mound Pueblo

Edited by Polly Schaafsma

Noted archaeologist Polly Schaafsma presents new research by current scholars on this largely neglected ancestral Puebloan site.

A Peculiar Alchemy

A Centennial History of SAR, 1907-2007
By Nancy Owen LewisKay Leigh Hagan

In 2007, SAR celebrated its 100th anniversary. Established to promote the study of American antiquity, the School now supports wide-ranging programs dedicated to increasing our understanding of human culture and evolution through the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

The Great Houses of Chaco

By John Campbell

Campbell's elegant photographs explore the major structures built by the early Puebloan peoples of present-day northwestern New Mexico.

Native American Life-History Narratives

Colonial and Postcolonial Navajo Ethnography
By Susan Brill de Ramírez

The author provides methods for the study of American Indian ethnographic texts and disputes some previous assumptions about the sources of the stories in Son of Old Man Hat.