Más Que un Indio (More than an Indian)

Racial Ambivalence and Neoliberal Multiculturalism in Guatemala
By Charles R. Hale

This deeply researched and sensitively rendered study raises troubling questions about the contradictions of anti-racist politics and the limits of multiculturalism in Guatemala and, by implication, other countries in the midst of similar reform projects.

The Seductions of Community

Emancipations, Oppressions, Quandaries
Edited by Gerald W. Creed

The concept of "community" is ubiquitous in the way we talk and think about life in the twenty-first century. Political and economic projects from rain forest conservation to urban empowerment zones focus on "the community" as the appropriate vehicle and target of change.

Subjects: Anthropology

Puebloan Ruins of the Southwest

By Arthur RohnWilliam Ferguson

Puebloan Ruins of the Southwest offers over 325 color photos showing Puebloan culture from its prehistoric beginnings through 2,500 years of growth and change, ending with the modern-day Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Arizona.

Orange County Housecleaners

By Frank Cancian

Orange County Housecleaners documents the lives of seven women who make their livings cleaning houses in Orange County, California; five are Latina immigrants and two are Orange County natives.

Navajo/English Dictionary of Verbs

By Alyse Neundorf

Navajo/English Dictionary of Verbs lists 350 Navajo verbs in paradigm form, conjugated for the Imperfective, Perfective, and Future modes.

Holy Intoxication to Drunken Dissipation

Alcohol Among Quichua Speakers in Otavalo, Ecuador
By Barbara Butler

Holy Intoxication to Drunken Dissipation examines how the defense of drinking and getting drunk ended abruptly as the people of Otavalo re-evaluated their traditional religious life and their relationship with the wider Ecuadorian society.

Ch'orti'-Maya Survival in Eastern Guatemala

Indigeneity in Transition
By Brent E. Metz

This ethnographic study examines the Ch'orti' Maya of Guatemala and their reformulation of their history and identity.

Yellow Cab

By Robert Leonard

Yellow Cab presents the sharp insights of a cab driver into the workings of the hidden world of an American city after dark.

Healing with Herbs and Rituals

A Mexican Tradition
By Eliseo “Cheo” Torres
Edited by Timothy L. Sawyer

Healing with Herbs and Rituals is an herbal remedy–based understanding of curanderismo and the practice of herbalists as found in the American Southwest and northern Mexico.

Afro-Atlantic Dialogues

Anthropology in the Diaspora
Edited by Kevin A. Yelvington

This book breaks new theoretical and methodological ground in the study of the African diaspora in the Atlantic world. Leading scholars of archaeology, linguistics, and socio-cultural anthropology draw upon extensive field experiences and archival investigations of black communities in North America, the Caribbean, South America, and Africa to challenge received paradigms in Afro-American anthropology.

Subjects: Anthropology