Seeing Indians

A Study of Race, Nation, and Power in El Salvador
By Virginia Tilley

Seeing Indians is a cross-disciplinary study of the political motives for eradicating indigenous identity in El Salvador.

Community Building in the Twenty-First Century

Edited by Stanley E. Hyland

“Community” has long been a critical concept for social scientists, and never more so amid the growing economic inequity, natural and human disasters, and warfare of the opening years of the twenty-first century. In this volume, leading scholar-activists develop a conceptual framework for both the theory and practice of building communities.

Subjects: Anthropology

Globalization, Water, and Health

Resource Management in Times of Scarcity
Edited by Linda WhitefordScott Whiteford

This book is about crime and passion, life and death, lofty goals and squalid realities. It is a book about water. Global disparities in health and access to water are two major threats to world stability.

Canyon Spirits

Beauty and Power in the Ancestral Puebloan World
By Stephen H. LeksonJohn Malville
Photographs by John Ninnemann

Canyon Spirits includes eighty-five black-and-white photos and accompanying essays that share the beauty of the canyons and mesas of the Colorado Plateau and the history of the resourceful inhabitants.

The Offerings of the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan

Revised Edition
By Leonardo Luján
Translated by Bernard Ortiz de Montellano

This book examines the spectacular findings of the historic Templo Mayor Project, which took place in the heart of Mexico City from 1978 to 1997.

Laser Ablation-ICP-MS in Archaeological Research

Edited by Robert J. SpeakmanHector Neff

This volume brings together for the first time a collection of papers that specifically describe laser ablation, methods for data quantification, and applications to archaeological questions.


A Life in Mexican Folk Healing
By Eliseo “Cheo” TorresTimothy L. Sawyer

This book examines the practices of traditional Mexican folk healers, or "curanderos," in the American Southwest as well as in their native country.

The Story of Corn

By Betty Fussell

This interweaving of folklore, history, and science tells the seven-century story of the importance of corn in the Americas.


Edited by Neil L. Whitehead

Can we understand violence not as evidence of cultural rupture but as a form of cultural expression itself? Ten prominent scholars engage this question across geographies as diverse at their theoretical positions, in cases drawn from fieldwork in Indonesia, Cambodia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South America, Sri Lanka, Spain, and the United States.

Subjects: Anthropology

Troweling Through Time

The First Century of Mesa Verdean Archaeology
By Florence C. Lister

Florence Lister, one of archaeology's eminent authorities, presents the long and colorful history of exploration in the Mesa Verde area of the American Southwest.