Mesoamerica's Ancient Cities

Revised Edition
By William FergusonRichard E. W. Adams

A thoroughly revised edition of the classic photographic portrayal of the major pre-Columbian ruins of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras.

Understanding Stone Tools and Archaeological Sites

By Brian Kooyman

Covers manufacturing techniques, lithic types and materials, reduction strategies and techniques, worldwide lithic technology, production variables, meaning of form, and usewear and residue analysis.


Another Mayan Voice Speaks from Guatemala
By Ignacio Bizarro Ujpán
Edited and Translated by James D. Sexton

The vivid life story of a Maya Indian during the last two tumultuous decades in Guatemala.

History in Person

Enduring Struggles, Contentious Practice, Intimate Identities
Edited by Dorothy HollandJean Lave

Extended conflict situations in Northern Ireland or South Africa, the local effects of the rise of multinational corporations, and conflicts in workplaces, households, and academic fields are all crucibles for the forging of identities. In this volume, the authors bring their research to bear on enduring struggles and the practices of identity within those struggles. This collection of essays explores the innermost, generative aspects of subjects as social, cultural, and historical beings and raises serious questions about long-term conflicts and sustained identities in the world today.

Subjects: Anthropology

The Great Maya Droughts

Water, Life, and Death
By Richardson B. Gill

The Great Maya Droughts proposes a long-sought solution to the mystery of the collapse of the Maya civilization: a series of severe droughts during the ninth and tenth centuries that brought famine, thirst, and death to the Maya lowlands.

Women and Men in the Prehispanic Southwest

Labor, Power, and Prestige
Edited by Patricia L. Crown

Women and Men in the Prehispanic Southwest takes a groundbreaking look at gendered activities in prehistory and the differential access that women and men had to sources and symbols of power and prestige.

The Beautiful and the Dangerous

Encounters with the Zuni Indians
By Barbara Tedlock

The Beautiful and the Dangerous takes us into the heart of one Zuni family and allows us to witness the world through its members' eyes.

Native Peoples of the Southwest

By Trudy Griffin-Pierce

" . . . a comprehensive and sensitive introduction to the culture and history of the Native peoples of the southwestern United States. . . . recommended for most collections."-- Library Journal

Biology, Brains, and Behavior

The Evolution of Human Development
Edited by Sue Taylor ParkerJonas LangerMichael L. McKinney

An exciting new cross-disciplinary field of biocultural research is emerging at the start of the twenty-first century: developmental evolutionary biology.

War in the Tribal Zone

Expanding States and Indigenous Warfare
Edited by R. Brian FergusonNeil L. Whitehead

War in the Tribal Zone, the 1991 anthropology of war classic, is back in print with a new preface by the editors. Their timely and insightful essay examines the occurrence of ethnic conflict and violence in the decade since the idea of the "tribal zone" originally was formulated.