Anthropological and Psychological Interpretations
Edited by Barbara Tedlock

The ten contributors to this book-anthropologists and psychologists-explore the ways in which dreams are remembered, recounted, shared (or not shared), interpreted, and used by people from New Guinea to the Andes. The authors take a major step toward moving the study of dreaming from the margins to the mainstream of anthropological thought.

The Zuni Man-Woman

By Will Roscoe

Roscoe presents the life of We'wha (1849–1896), the Zuni who was perhaps the most famous berdache (an individual who combined the work and traits of both men and women) in American Indian history.

Old Oraibi

A Study of the Hopi Indians of Third Mesa
By Mischa Titiev

First published in 1944, Old Oraibi is an ethnographic classic, offering a sensitive portrayal of Hopi traditional culture.

Time and the Highland Maya

Revised Edition
By Barbara Tedlock

Recapturing Anthropology

Working in the Present
Edited by Richard G. Fox

The ten papers in this volume offer different versions of how and where anthropologists might work usefully in today's world, converging on the issue of how anthropology can best recapture the progressive character its basic concepts, such as "culture," once had.

Subjects: Anthropology

The Anthropology of War

Edited by Jonathan Haas

This edited collection contains important new material on the origins and role of warfare in “tribal” societies. The chapters focus on a number of basic research issues, including war and social evolution, causes of war, ideology of war, and European transformation of indigenous warfare patterns.

Subjects: Anthropology

Dancing Gods

Indian Ceremonials of New Mexico and Arizona
By Erna Fergusson

"A clear, sympathetic, and informed introduction to these people and their ceremonies . . . should give every new onlooker a deeper appreciation of the dance which is really a prayer."-- The Denver Post

The Fourth World of the Hopis

The Epic Story of the Hopi Indians as Preserved in Their Legends and Traditions
By Harold Courlander

Here noted folklorist Harold Courlander brings together traditional accounts of epic events and adventures in the life of Hopi clans and villages, from legendary to historical times.

The Navajo Language

A Grammar and Colloquial Dictionary
Revised Edition
By Robert W. YoungWilliam Morgan

This definitive dictionary and linguistic resource by Robert Young is once again available.

Villages of Hispanic New Mexico

By Nancy Hunter Warren

Nancy Hunter Warren trained her camera on scenes rarely witnessed by outsiders-a Penitente service, the blessing of a ditch, feast days, religious processions, the interiors of houses and village churches.