House Gods

Sustainable Buildings and Renegade Builders
By Jim Kristofic

In House Gods, Kristofic pursues the techniques of sustainable building and the philosophies of its practitioners.

Early Churches of Mexico

An Architect's View
By Beverley Spears

Following the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the early 1500s, Franciscan, Dominican, and Augustinian friars fanned out across the central and southern areas of the country, founding hundreds of mission churches and monasteries to evangelize the Native population. This book documents more than 120 of these remarkable sixteenth-century sites in duotone black-and-white photographs.

The Architecture of Change

Building a Better World
Edited by Jerilou HammettMaggie Wrigley

"The call for change is everywhere, yet how to define it and how to achieve it remain vague. The Architecture of Change: Building a Better World is a unique book that documents how ordinary people have the power to transform their environments. It is a celebration of human diversity and a call for increased attention to our communities. This inspiring book explores the issues of equity, alternative forms of living, new concepts of urbanism, and the power of social networks."--Governor Bill Richardson, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Congressman, Secretary of Energy, and Governor of New Mexico

Drawing into Architecture

The Sketches of Antoine Predock
By Christopher Curtis Mead

This collection of 172 sketches, many published here for the first time, surveys nearly fifty years of Antoine Predock's work.

Subjects: ArtArchitecture

Easter Island's Silent Sentinels

The Sculpture and Architecture of Rapa Nui
By Kenneth TreisterPatricia Vargas CasanovaClaudio Cristino

This richly illustrated book of the history, culture, and art of Easter Island is the first to examine in detail the island’s vernacular architecture, often overshadowed by its giant stone statues.

An Archaeology of Architecture

Photowriting the Built Environment
By Dennis Tedlock

Page by page, this book takes us on a journey through the built world that ranges from Greece to Guatemala and from New York to San Francisco. Tedlock practices what he calls photowriting, a creative process that brings photographer and writer together in the same person.

John Gaw Meem at Acoma

The Restoration of San Esteban del Rey Mission
By Kate Wingert-Playdon

Kate Wingert-Playdon’s narrative of the restoration of San Esteban del Rey Mission and the process behind it is the only detailed account of this milestone example of historic preservation, in which New Mexico’s most famous architect, John Gaw Meem, played a major role.

Fractal Architecture

Organic Design Philosophy in Theory and Practice
By James Harris

In Fractal Architecture, architect James Harris presents a definitive, lavishly illustrated guide that explains both the "œhow" and "œwhy" of incorporating fractal geometry into architectural design.


Architecture of the Holocaust
By Kathleen Jameson

Karl Koenig has been photographing Holocaust concentration camps for more than ten years. These photographs of the architecture and landscape of suffering, he believes, "œmay have some impact on people who are on the path to indifference."


The Architecture of Antoine Predock
By Christopher Curtis Mead

Architectural historian Christopher Mead traces Antoine Predock's development over forty years from early work in Albuquerque to twenty-first-century projects like Winnipeg's Canadian Museum for Human Rights.