Canyon Gardens

The Ancient Pueblo Landscapes of the American Southwest
Edited by V. B. PriceBaker H. Morrow

Canyon Gardens presents a new look at Puebloan landscaping techniques and uses of plants and how they can influence modern architects in the Southwest.


A Public Place Design Guide for Urbanists
By Mark C. Childs

This discussion of what makes public places appealing and useful will inspire those involved with public planning and design.

Subjects: Architecture

Memory and Architecture

Edited by Eleni Bastéa

An international study of cultural relationships with built environments.

Subjects: Architecture

Embedded Symmetries, Natural and Cultural

Edited by Dorothy K. Washburn

Scholars representing several disciplines examine how patterns and symmetry are expressed and resonate in a variety of man's creations and cultures.

Anasazi Architecture and American Design

Edited by Baker H. MorrowV. B. Price

Morrow and Price take the reader on a journey through Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde, balancing observations of past architectural and cultural achievements with suggestions and recommendations for design practices in the present.

The Myth of Santa Fe

Creating a Modern Regional Tradition
By Chris Wilson

Debunks the great tourist myth, and explains how the Santa Fe architectural and design style, so popular with millions of visitors today, was consciously created by Anglos in the early 20th century.

From Hacienda to Bungalow

Northern New Mexico Houses, 1850-1912
By Agnesa Lufkin Reeve

A generously illustrated look at how architecture changed dramatically in northern New Mexico with the influx of settlers from the East.

Architecture Without Architects

A Short Introduction to Non-Pedigreed Architecture
By Bernard Rudofsky

A unique examination of building and culture.

Subjects: Architecture

Chaco Canyon

Archaeology and Archaeologists
By Robert H. ListerFlorence C. Lister

Chaco Canyon is the first complete account of Chacoan archaeology, from the discovery of the ruins by Spanish soldiers in the seventeenth century, through the scientific analyses of the 1970s.