The Alabados of New Mexico

Edited by Thomas Steele
Translated by Thomas Steele

The sacred hymns of New Mexico compiled by the expert on church literature in a handsome bilingual volume.

Ricardo Mazal

La Tumba de la Reina Roja: From Reality to Abstraction <br>Paintings, Photographs, Drawings and Installation
By Elizabeth FerrerArnoldo Cruz

Mexican painter Ricardo Mazal's stunning series produced after visiting the Tomb of the Red Queen at Palenque, the ancient Maya ceremonial city.

Subjects: ArtBilingual

The Santero's Miracle

A Bilingual Story
By Rudolfo Anaya
Illustrations by Amy Córdova
Translated by Enrique R. Lamadrid

This bilingual story of a grandfather's and grandson's faith, hope, and love is to be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Historia de la Nueva Mexico, 1610

A Critical and Annotated Spanish/English Edition
By Gaspar Villagrá
Edited and Translated by Miguel EnciniasAlfred RodriguezJoseph P. Sánchez

Villagra's epic poem of Oñate's entry into New Mexico in 1598 is available again in this beautiful bilingual edition.

English/Spanish Child Abuse Phrase Book

Family-Social Worker Interview Manual/Manual Bilingüe Para Familias
By Edward Stresino

Presents the child abuse investigation referral in a bilingual format, phrase by phrase directly as it occurs, to make it more accessible to both social worker and family.


A Chicano Novella
Bilingual Edition
By Margarita Cota-Cardenas
Translated by Barbara ReissTrino Sandoval

A Chicana graduate student learns of a cover-up of the police shooting a young Chicano laborer named Puppet. Both a mystery and a call-to-action novel, Puppet is an underground classic.

He Walked In and Sat Down and Other Stories

By Rosaura Sánchez
Translated by Beatrice Pita

The stories in this bilingual collection portray the everyday lives of a cross-section of Chicano men and women in the contemporary U.S.

Madres del Verbo/Mothers of the Word

Early Spanish-American Women Writers A Bilingual Anthology
Edited by Nina Scott
Translated by Nina Scott

A bilingual anthology of writings by both secular and religious women writers from colonial Latin America through the 19th century.

She-Calf and Other Quechua Folk Tales

Edited by Johnny Payne

These fables from highland Peru, presented in both Quechua and English, capture a rich oral tradition and illustrate many universal human themes.

Six Nuevomexicano Folk Dramas for Advent Season

By Larry Torres

This bilingual edition of these classic folk dramas is produced for both those acting in the plays, or for students of the literature.