The Navajos in 1705

Roque Madrid's Campaign Journal
Edited by Rick HendricksJohn P. Wilson

This book is a significant contribution to Navajo studies providing the earliest eighteenth-century eyewitness account of the Navajo in New Mexico.

Tierra Amarilla

Stories of New Mexico/Cuentos de Nuevo Mexico
By Sabine Ulibarrí

First published in Spanish in 1964, this classic re-release is a bilingual presentation that offers delightful reading for anyone interested in the hues of Hispanic life in northern New Mexico.

¿Qué Pasó?

An English-Spanish Guide for Medical Personnel
Fourth Edition, Revised and Expanded
By Martin KantrowitzAntonio MondragónWilliam Lord Coleman

Designed to facilitate communication between Spanish-speaking patients and English-speaking medical personnel; includes pediatric workups.